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Qatar Tribune was launched on the 35th Independence Day of Qatar, under the parentcompany QIM Group, which has a history in the publishing, printing & distribution field.

Who is who in Qatar Tribune

Chairman - H.E. Sheikh Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani
Managing Director - Mr. Adel Ali Bin Ali
Editor in Chief - Dr. Hassan Mohammed Al Ansari
E-mail: editor-in-chief@qatar-tribune.com
Editor - Mr. Louay Qaddoumi
E-mail: editor@qatar-tribune.com
Executive Manager - Mr. Ihsan Ghazal
E-mail: executivemanager@qatar-tribune.com
Circulation & Promotion Manager - Mr. Samer El Hammouri
E-mail: circulation@qatar-tribune.com


  • Create forums that promote sharing of ideas among public.
  • Maximizing our reach by bringing international news to the public.
  • Create and maintain a vision which includes loyalty in reading and advertising habits.
  • Reaching worldwide network of readers through our website

We have segmented the newspaper into FIVE sections : -

  • Main Section
  • Nation
  • Business
  • Chill Out
  • Sports

Main Section

The main section talks about the world news. It has news about the Americas, Europe, the Gulf & Middle East, South Asia, Pakistan, South East Asia, Philippines, India. It also includes a special place for the opinions and analysis of journalists and readers.



The supplement mainly includes local news. This section covers a lead story, political or protocol story etc. There is also a section known as the Dateline Doha in which there will be an interview with an offcical/wellknown figure in qatar and reports of unusual incidences that take place in Qatar.Further in this section the reader can find a variety of classified ADS for their referencs.



The business supplement provides news from sectors of banks, financial institutions as well as stories about the Oil & Gas infrastructure. On Sundays & Mondays the Business Supplement provides news from the Blue Chip corporate Sector.


Chill Out

The chill out section consists of 8 pages. It brings you exclusive interviews with celebrities around the globe.A reder can find anchor stories on shion,modeling,food,music,games,cartoons etc.as well as a classified section.Television listings for the day can also be found in this section.



Sports are a motivating passion for most of the readers. By taking these needs of the readers, Qatar Tribune has segmented the Sports section and has given it equal importance as the other sections in the newspaper. With due importance of the sports page, Qatar Tribune covers world sports, followed by local sports, athletics, the Arena, the field and the pitch for American games and a 22 yards section that focuses on the game of cricket.


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