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CRA Launches New Automated Spectrum Monitoring System


As part of its mandate to ensure effective and legitimate use of the radio spectrum in Qatar, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has launched a state-of-the-art nationwide Automated Spectrum Monitoring System (ASMS) to ensure interference free spectrum to authorized licensees.
Monitoring the radio spectrum is essential under CRA's Spectrum Policy and Regulatory Framework to ensure its legitimate use. Monitoring identifies and eliminates sources of interference that degrade public or private telecommunication networks, for example and not limited to radio and television networks, mobile telecommunications networks, and critical frequencies used for aviation, maritime operations and emergency services.
Monitoring is also needed to investigate harmful interference complaints and to collect data for determining compliance by radio frequency users with national rules and regulations.
"Radio spectrum is a scarce national resource and ASMS infrastructure is vital for preventing its illegal use, as well as reducing cases of interference. CRA has invested in this infrastructure to ensure all public and commercial radiocommunication networks operate effectively and without interruption. ASMS infrastructure is also essential to provide the necessary support in managing spectrum during major international and national events such as World Cup 2022, where high spectrum demand requires detailed planning and monitoring," said Faisal Al-Shuaibi, CRA’s Spokesperson.
The new ASMS ecosystem comprises: Four Fixed Monitoring Stations (FMS) and Directional Finding (DF) systems, Two Time Difference on Arrival (TDOA) Monitoring Stations Two Mobile Monitoring Stations (MMS), National Control Center (NCC), and Further technical details available in the supplemental fact sheet.
The fixed stations are unmanned, remotely controlled stations strategically located in different parts of Qatar to maximize monitoring and geolocation results. The mobile monitoring stations are installed inside customized vehicles deployable in any area of the country as required.
The ASMS components are used by CRA to monitor operational radiocommunication equipment throughout the state of Qatar to check "bandwidth occupancy" and to ensure all spectrum bands are used as specified. Idle spectrum bands are also monitored and recorded for future planning purpose.
Monitoring is conducted 24-hours a day through the National Control Center and the fixed and directional finding stations. Mobile monitoring is conducted by CRA’s experts at regular intervals and each time CRA receives a complaint of interference or illegitimate use of spectrum.
The fixed and mobile stations of Qatar are being registered with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), to empower CRA to be a part of international monitoring activities for research studies through ITU's Radiocommunication Bureau.
CRA encourages all consumers of radio communication devices to report any interference issues or concerns through the dedicated Consumer Telecom Hotline – 103, or via email at


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