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'Turkey and Qatar are hand-in-hand for a bright future'

Ramy Salama


Bilateral relations between Qatar and Turkey enjoy a special status which goes a long way toward consistently strengthening cooperation in all fields, according to Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu, stressing that Turkey and Qatar are hand-in-hand for a bright future.

Speaking on the topic of 'Turkey-Qatar Cooperation' at Qatar University (QU) on Thursday, Davutoglu stressed the close relations between the leaderships of the two countries and the monthly frequency of high-level visits between the two countries as being a major reason for the successful relations between them.

"The spirit of cooperation is prevailing in our relations and that is why we are successful in our cooperation. Qatari-Turkish relations are excellent in all fields," he said, referring to a recent meeting in which the leaders of the two countries 'signed 17 agreements in one day'.

"Turkish-Qatari relations have developed so fast, deep and intensely. We see Turkey and Qatar working together in the political dimension, enjoying a fruitful political dialogue in which we can talk to each other in friendly open manner," he said.

The prime minister said the political cooperation could help in building strong regional alliances which could assist in overcoming challenges to the Middle East region.

"The European Union (EU) has disagreements, different views, but the members regularly meet. So, we have to sit and share our concerns and feelings, and Qatari-Turkish relations are a good example of this, and political dialogue will continue between us," he added.

On economic relations, Davutoglu noted that the discovery of natural resources in Middle East has become a source of internal conflict and tussle among foreign powers.

"Let us not have conflict, but have a rational economic cooperation. Working together, Qatari-Turkish trade volume is $1.3 billion, and has tripled in the last 3 years. Today, we have common cooperation in agriculture, energy, tourism, because Qatari and Turkish economies are complimentary," the premier said.

He added,"Qatar has energy, Turkey has great experience in construction, and Qatar has very impressive projects for the future. Construction firms are happy to work in Qatar as they feel at home here. Qatar needs food security and Turkey is providing Hassad with alternative agricultural projects. Our land is open for our brothers and sisters. In our region, unfortunately, the method is lose-lose, which is irrational; we have to say if the other side wins, I will also win and vice versa, and this win-win approach should dominate in our thought."

QU President Dr Hassan Rashid al Derham praised the"depth of relations between Qatar and Turkey", noting that the two countries seem to be thirsting for deeper cooperation in all fields based on their shared history.

The QU president thanked the Turkish prime minister for addressing QU students, who are the engine of development, adding that Qatari students should be exposed to Turkish culture.


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