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A good start to QatART handicraft sale



QATART, a local community-driven handicraft group, witnessed a large turnout at the first-of-its-kind handicraft sale, aimed at promoting local handicraft culture, which was held at the Katara Art Studios on Friday.

Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Dominika Bozic explained that the event was intended to promote local culture of making a wide variety of handcrafted products, as well as purchasing those made by others in a quest for unique handmade items.

"Participation in this market is open and free to QatART members, so it's a great opportunity to get a lot of exposure in a popular location like Katara, which is really busy, especially on Fridays," she said.

She was quite impressed with the turnout."It's been really busy since we started. We are all very happy with how it's going. We actually didn't expect this many people to show up," Bozic said, adding that the event was successful in spite of being organised within the relatively short period of two weeks.

"This is our first handicraft market. We had a meeting with the Katara Art Studios people about two weeks ago, and they were supportive of the project and offered us the opportunity to use this space for our market. So we didn't have too much time to organise everything. But I think, given that, the event was definitely a success," she said.

The market, according to Bozic, might become a regular feature at Katara. She said,"We are planning to set up the market once or even twice a month if possible, so hopefully in April as well, though I'm not so sure about May, since things tend to slow down in the summer here. But hopefully we'll be back in the fall."

Free art workshops for children and their parents were also organised during the event.

QatART, a community of crafters from across the world, works to provide a platform for the promotion art and allied products. Dominika Bozic and Gabi Pezo founded the group in December 2011.

QatART is made up of 42 members from 21 countries, and their crafts vary widely from jewellery, accessories, paintings, illustrations, graphic design, craft kits, bags, clothes, home decor and accessories, photography, handcrafted cards and boxes to homemade food and party supplies.

Besides providing a platform for handmade artists, the group also organises free workshops for members to help them improve important skills for their personal and business development.

QatART recently joined forces with Inspiration Station, which is a centre for arts and crafts, helping the group establish a base of operations and grow in reputation. The group became more active after partnering with Inspiration Station and forming a dedicated team. Membership continues to grow, as anyone who makes their own designs and products in Qatar is welcome to join the group.


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