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Mannai asks iEARN participants to be "responsible and proactive"

DOHA BE responsible, proactive citizens and help find solutions to the challenges brought about by the changing world, Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) Executive Director Essa al Mannai reminded the delegates at the closing ceremony of the iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) 20th International Conference & 17th Youth Summit in Doha on Friday.

The global event which explored the year"s theme of using technologies in education to reach out, learn and build a better world concluded on a high note at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

Addressing more than 500 educators and students from 53 countries who took part in the conference, Mannai underlined the challenges faced by different nations and how commitment and dedication of even a small community of people can bring about change.

"Qatar is under a new leadership, a new phase of its life but let us not forget that there are other countries that are also fighting for their rights and for their belief of better life like what Egypt is going through today. Our world is changing day by day and the challenges are coming. The world is becoming smaller and the voice of the youth is being heard. As citizens we should be more responsible.

It is a small community of committed people like us who can make the change," he said.

Mannai also urged the educators and students to continue their global journey. "We represent a small fragment of the international education community but it is the commitment of each and every one of you that can really change the world. Continue learning about the world, learning from each other and teaching others about yourself, your beliefs, your values and what is it that you stand for to create the better world we and the future generation deserve to live in," he added.

He stressed the relevance of transfer of knowledge which starts in classrooms across the globe.

iEARN, with its presence in more than 130 countries, has been on a mission of empowering teachers and young people to work together using the internet and new communication technologies.

ROTA as the official representative of iEARN programme in Qatar is taking the lead in providing opportunities for local teachers and students to collaborate with other iEARN communities.

It was the first time the Conference was hosted in the Gulf.

During the five-day event, topics such as the environment, cultural diversity and the use of ICT in the classroom were discussed by renowned experts in the field.

On the occasion, all the participating countries were recognised by ROTA. The countries that participated in the event included Algeria, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Italy, Pakistan, Iran, Palestine, Morocco, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and the United States.


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