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'Doha Forum an important step in deepening China-Arab ties'

Ramy Salama


THE Ambassador of China to Qatar HE Li Chen has stressed the importance of the 7th round of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum which comes in a phase of increasing strategic cooperation between China and Arab countries.

"As the forum convenes in Doha, the capital of our brotherly nation Qatar, which has distinguished itself as a prominent supporter of stronger Arab-Chinese ties, we express our wishes for the success of the gathering, which will be an important stage along the road to a deeper strategic cooperation between China and the Arab states," he said while addressing the media.

In this regard, the ambassador stressed the firm ground for closer cooperation between the Arab countries and China, given that diplomatic relations between the two dates back to some 60 years.

"Over those six decades, our relations have progressed by leaps and bounds, such that today, China's bilateral relations with seven Arab countries, including Qatar, have been elevated to the strategic level. Furthermore, China is the Arab world's second largest trade partner, while the Arab world remains China's biggest source of oil as well as being an important infrastructure construction market for Chinese firms," he added.

The ambassador also noted that the One Belt-One Road initiative proposed by China's President Xi Jinping was one of the major strategic directions in cooperation with the Arab countries, while adding that it had more than merely economic benefits to offer.

"Arab-Chinese cooperation in building the New Silk Road will strengthen the strategic trust and friendship between the two sides while raising their level of cooperation to achieve a common development and benefit. Not only that, this initiative can serve as a new impetus for peace in the region, given its emphasis on communication, cooperation, interdependence and collaboration among participating nations," he said.


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