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Sonja Park regales audience with music of the Romantics



DOHA'S well-known concert pianist Sonja Park electrified the atmosphere at the packed Opera House at Katara through her fluent playing of some of the masterpieces of Romantic Era composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin on Wednesday.

Dressed in a lavish white evening gown, Park initially appeared to be a bit nervous as she stepped on to the stage, but she became comfortable soon with music flowing from her fingers as they moved effortlessly on the keyboard.

The audience, on the other hand, sat captivated listening to the churning of the magical notes by the artiste one after the other.

The arrangement of the pieces, which were to be played by Park at the concert, was kept a secret till the very beginning of the programme. However, as she announced the programme for the evening it was clear that it was going to be a musical treat.

She began the concert with Mozart's Sonata in F major which was a marvellous piece in three movements. Written in a classical form, it was popular during its time having all the necessary material of a lively pleasing concert piece. Park played the piece with enough grace and delicacy that it deserved which was appreciated by the audience.

The second piece was Beethoven's Moonlight sonata in C sharp minor which drew a huge response from the audience. Park played the piece, which is considered as one of the best known work for piano in Beethoven's repertoire, effortlessly and with great feeling.

The second half of the concert was dedicated to Chopin, the greatest of all romanticists, who wrote some of the best known music for Piano. Fantaisie Impromptu was first in the list and was played with feverish movement of the fingers up and down the keyboard generating a sparkling response from the audience.

However, Nocturne in F minor was as calm as the night yet highly stylised and overflowing with emotions. The piece evoked a range of feelings as it progressed from a slow, sad beginning to a dreamy haunting outburst of emotions. It was a treat to hear Parks' interpretation of this fragile and delicate piece.

Other pieces that followed were Chopin's Ballades in F minor and Waltz in F major. A thundering applause from the audience forced Park to play an encore which brought the concert to an end.


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