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Muslims Must Speak Out Loud Against The Kidnapping Of The Nigerian Girls


AS a Muslim my head hangs in absolute shame and I feel so embarrassed at the Boko Haram incident that I feel like digging a deep hole and disappearing in it and never come out, to be precise--- it is suffocating me.

Muslims and Muslim countries must come out and not just condemn the act but take joint effective actions to free the girls. Our silence is not only further jeopardising the lives of these innocent young girls but jeopardising the image of the whole Muslim community.

The Boko Haram militants say their actions are as per the teachings of Islam and their fight is for Islam. Their claims wickedly deceptive make it all the more urgent that more Muslims speak out against this incident. And let them know and the world that their actions are outright barbaric and cruel and that Islam condemns cruelty of any form unconditionally.

Time is running out and we have a choice to make. Either we maintain silence on the Nigerian girls issue and do nothing about the continuously deteriorating reputation of the Muslim community or raise our voices against this shameless act and let people know that the Boko Haram militants do not represent Islam and the Muslims.

The choice is ours to make regarding how Islam is presented to the world. Do we want to let people think that Islam promotes inhuman treatment of women? That in Islam women can be kidnapped and made sex slaves or married off against her will? That Muslim women's education should be strictly limited to religious scriptures? Do we want people to think that in Islam it's alright to force non-Muslim women to convert from their faith?

Or do we want to present the true picture of Islam and let the world know that Islam is all for women education which is not just limited to religious scriptures but an education that leads to a complete development of her personality. That Islam advocates treating women with respect and dignity and not like some insane creature who is unable to think for herself. That Islam promotes providing security to women to help them achieve a truly beautiful life and not imprisoning them.

Unfortunately I can hardly hear any Muslim voices. But why are"we" so silent? Where are the Muslim scholars who usually speak so enthusiastically at the most high-pitched voice on anything related to women? Where are our Muslim youths who go absolutely crazy at the slightest of provocations from ill-intentioned people? Where are they??

The governments of Western nations and few African nations have come out openly and declared a war against these militants and are trying their best to solve the matter. But it will be a strong uncompromising reaction from Muslims and Muslim countries that will truly help deal with this issue. At best it might go on to ensure that such incidents involving women do not occur again or in the least send a strong message to such awful people that Islam has zero tolerance for mistreatment of women.

(Arshiah Parween is a freelance writer based in India.)


Sad.may girls come home soon


rajan :
May 20 2014 5:48PM

True. Even I was wondering same. no protest no march by us. Lets pray they release the girls soon.


Fatima :
May 20 2014 10:30AM

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